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Posted by Burnley Football Club. Click below to read more With a busy campaign of Premier League and Europa League football ahead, our catering department are looking to recruit staff at all levels for the coming season. Sign up to Clarets Player and get Click for full story Click to read more The goal of Martel was to extract Pleistocene-dated organic materials from glacial ice. Wu showed excitement for the project, believing it will expand InGen's genome library. In Jurassic World , Dr.

Wu is first seen with Claire Dearing trying to attract investors with the genetically modified hybrid Indominus rex. He refuses to tell anyone the DNA combination until Masrani, the owner, confronts him about the Indominus ' escape.

Masrani lectures him, but Wu retaliates, stating that the owner wants "more teeth" to attract visitors. When Vic Hoskins takes command of the park, Wu is revealed to have been secretly working with Hoskins to make hybrids as weapons and Hoskins has him evacuated to the Costa Rican mainland along with the rest of the InGen team, therefore revealing Wu's immoral character. He takes several hybrid dinosaur embryos at Hoskins' request, thus protecting his research.

Regis is often given odd jobs by Hammond that are outside his area of expertise, such as escorting a wounded worker to a Costa Rican hospital, and acting as a babysitter for Lex and Tim during their visit to the park. Despite being overconfident about the park and almost negligent about the accidents that have been occurring, fear quickly overtakes him as things begin to go wrong, since he has seen the brutality of dinosaur attacks previously.

When the Tyrannosaurus breaks free of its pen, he abandons the tour vehicle, leaving Tim and Lex behind. After hiding between some boulders, he tries to make his way back up to the cars, but is killed by a juvenile Tyrannosaurus.

His severed leg is later discovered by Gennaro and Muldoon as they investigate the attack and is brought back to the Visitor's Center. Ed Regis's character is written out of the film, although certain aspects of his character such as his nervousness and cowardice are given to the film's version of Donald Gennaro.

Gennaro's death sequence during the T. DNA is a cartoon character that resembles an anthropomorphic DNA helix with a face and arms who was exclusive to the film franchise. He represents the mascot for Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. In Jurassic Park , Mr. DNA was created by InGen to help visitors understand the processes involved in the creation of the dinosaurs at Jurassic Park the character itself was created for the film for virtually the same reasons.

A film starring him and InGen's founder John Hammond is played in a theater located in the park's Visitor Center before a tour. He became iconic with the franchise, even though he was given a small role in the original film. DNA appears onscreen when the player does not move after a fixed amount of time. He then offers the player dinosaur trivia. In the video game, Jurassic Park: The Game , Mr.

DNA is visible on the maintenance board of Jurassic Park's Geothermal Power Plant and on a board indicating how tall a person must be to ride the upcoming Bone Shaker roller coaster. In Jurassic World , Mr. He remained the same as his original counterpart, but two variations of him exist: Visitors encounter him in the Innovation Center where he explains the basics of genetics and how the dinosaurs were recreated.

His appearance was received ecstatically by fans of the original film. In the video game Lego Jurassic World , Mr. DNA is a playable character and appears throughout the game to give hints to the player s on how to progress through the levels. As with the original Jurassic Park video game, he also offers player s dinosaur trivia. He can be considered sentient as he is aware of InGen's political dealings and will inform the player of them. Yet, he will always offer a positive spin on it, portraying a true company mascot.

Sarah Harding is an animal behaviorist who specializes in African predators. She is intelligent, feisty, and rugged, and employs common sense and practicality in dangerous situations, putting the safety of her colleagues first. Her calm, skilled personality permits her to quickly take command of the group and devise ways for them to survive and escape the island. She and Ian Malcolm were in a relationship for a period, and at one point she claimed she was in love with him.

The relationship did not work out, although they still remained close friends. She is idolized by Kelly who sees her as tough and smart. In the novel, she mentions that her father was a veterinarian and bird specialist at the San Diego Zoo, implying that Dr. Harding is her father. In the movie, Dr. Harding's character is merged with that of Richard Levine 's. She is still intelligent and feisty as well as kind and jolly, but impulsive and too eager to interact with the animals, often placing herself and others in danger.

As well, her character is a behavioral paleontologist, rather than an animal behaviorist, who specializes in dinosaur parenting behavior. Her relationship with Ian Malcolm is far more in-depth, as they remain together for the duration of the film. She shows such heroism and nobility such as petting a baby Stegosaurus, freeing dinosaurs from InGen, healing a baby T-Rex's leg, and shooting male T-rex with sleeping arrow to protect him from the military and police forces in San Diego's port.

Kelly Curtis is a close friend of Arby and, in the film only, Malcolm 's daughter. Kelly is fascinated by science and idolizes Dr. When she learned that Sarah would be on the trip, she decided to sneak aboard. In both the film and novel, Kelly manages to overpower a Velociraptor by hitting one with a broken pipe and shooting one with a Lindstradt air rifle. The film adaptation merges her character with Arby's. In the film, she is said to be a skilled gymnast , which she uses to rescue her father from a Velociraptor.

He is an experienced documentary filmmaker, having covered wars in Rwanda and Bosnia. He has also worked with Greenpeace , an experience which later spurs him to act in defense of the dinosaurs.

He is the only member of the team to be warned about InGen's expedition, and sneaks into their camp to release captured animals and disrupt their harvesting operation. He also rescues the infant T. As the teams merge and form an escape plan, Nick easily gains the tacit respect of the rugged InGen men, as in one scene he is shown to effortlessly motivate the men while Peter Ludlow fails.

His activist nature conflicts with the Great White Hunter style of Tembo, and he later covertly switches the latter's ammunition to ensure the T. When the group reaches the InGen compound, it is Nick who uses the radio to call for rescue. He is last seen on the first evacuation helicopter, reflecting.

In the Jurassic Park universe, Richard Levine is one of the world's most brilliant and richest paleontologists. Marty Guitierrez seems to be his only real friend, although he eventually forms a delicate relationship with Ian Malcolm. Levine's egotism and spontaneous personality prove to be a source of constant irritation to the rest of his colleagues, mainly Malcolm. However, the children, Arby Benton and Kelly Curtis look up to him, leading him to develop a paternal attitude towards them.

Levine originally intended to travel to Isla Sorna as part of Malcolm's team, but, instead, heads out on his own before the Costa Rican government has a chance to destroy the island. When the rest of his team arrives, they find themselves constantly running after him when he decides to continue his research regardless of what else is happening around him.

Although he is bitten twice by compies, he ultimately escapes the island without major harm. While not appearing in the film, some aspects of him were merged with another character Dr. Jack "Doc" Thorne is a former university professor and materials engineer who specializes in building field equipment, vehicles, and weaponry for scientists all over the world.

He is an eclectic mix of character traits, relying on both practical expertise and Eastern philosophy , claiming that one needs to know philosophy and history to succeed in engineering. Thorne's contribution to Levine's mission includes a large research trailer, nicknamed "The Challenger", an electric SUV , a motor bike, a pair of Lindstradt air rifles, and a modified satellite phone.

On the island, Thorne ends up saving his friends multiple times, and survives his time on the island. Thorne is not a character in the film, although parts of his character are integrated into the roles of Eddie Carr and Roland Tembo. Ajay Sidhu is Roland Tembo's best friend and hunting partner from India. He accompanies Tembo during his attempt to capture the T. Fleeing from the T. The entire group is eventually killed by Velociraptors. Ajay's death is not shown on screen, but Tembo later confirms it, by stating that Ajay "didn't make it".

Eddie Carr is the group's field equipment expert. He is added to the team sent to the island because the vehicles he designed have not been field-tested. Eddie is frightened by Isla Sorna and wants nothing more than to retrieve Richard Levine and get off the island as soon as possible. He has a slightly antagonistic relationship with Ian Malcolm , who does not like that Carr's world is so heavily influenced by unreliable electronics. He is eventually killed by a pack of raptors while fighting them off with an iron pipe.

In the film, while he is attempting to rescue Ian, Sarah, and Nick, he is killed by the two adult T. In the film, his relationship with Malcolm is apparently positive, for Malcolm leaves him to take care of his daughter.

When he is eaten, Malcolm demands that he be given respect for trying to rescue them. In the second novel, he is described as a compact, strong, year-old who prefers the city.

In the film, he has black hair, is balding, and is at least ten years older than the description in the novel, taking on some characteristics of Doc Thorne. He tends to be quiet and shy, but is very intelligent and good with computers.

When Kelly expressed interest in stowing away in the Challenger with him, it was he who came up with a plan on how to do so. This character never appeared in movie adaptation of the novel. Howard King is an assistant to Lewis Dodgson. Once a successful biologist employed by Biosyn, he lost credibility when his research on blood- coagulation factors failed. Dodgson hired King as his assistant in the reverse engineering department.

He is divorced and has one child, who he sees only on weekends. In the novel, he accompanies Dodgson to the island, but they separate when they fail to retrieve eggs from a Tyrannosaurus nest. King eventually begins to disagree with Dodgson's dark desires, relieved when he sees his beaten body. Eventually, he is killed by Velociraptors while trying to escape from a field. His death may have inspired the raptor attack on the InGen team in the movie and is worked into the third movie via Udesky.

As a well known authority and pundit, he is retained by Biosyn and Dodgson to spin any bad press that may arise. When he and Dodgson are trying to steal Tyrannosaurus eggs, the sonic device Dodgson is using to keep the parent Tyrannosaurs at bay becomes unplugged. Both men stand absolutely still, falsely believing that the dinosaur's vision is based on movement. The Tyrannosaurus subsequently kills him.

Diego is Levine 's guide on Isla Sorna. He is a young, enthusiastic Costa Rican who went to the island several times as a boy and knows it better than anyone else. He does not believe that the dinosaurs are there. Even when Levine warns him to be quiet, he simply says that they have nothing to fear. He seems to annoy Levine many times, not only with his insistence that only birds live on the island, but also by disobeying his orders to refrain from using items like cigarettes while on Isla Sorna.

Diego is killed when he is ambushed by a Carnotaurus while he and Levine watch a Mussaurus in total awe. The movie character named Carter seems to have inherited his attitude in the second film. Enrique , from the third movie, also resembles Diego.

He is John Hammond 's nephew, and the main antagonist of the second film. He attained the CEO's position during an impromptu meeting with InGen's board of directors after an accident involving a pack of compies prompts them to unanimously oust Hammond.

His character, based on Lewis Dodgson and the novel's John Hammond, is described as ruthless, selfish, greedy, and condescending toward those who work for him or those he dislikes. As a result, he is not very well respected by the members of his team who chose to follow Roland Tembo or Nick van Owen instead of him.

But Ludlow only manages to bring back the male T. In addition to his character, Ludlow's death also mirrors that of Lewis Dodgson. While trying to recapture the infant in the hold of an InGen cargo ship, he is confronted and captured by the adult and then fed to the infant. In the non-canonical comic series, Ludlow survives the baby T.

He is killed, this time by the Velociraptors due mostly to Tim Murphy's actions. Roland Tembo is a famous animal hunter hired by InGen for the expedition. Although he is hired by InGen, his primary motivation for going to Isla Sorna with his hunting partner, Ajay Sidhu is the possibility of hunting the ultimate trophy, a male Tyrannosaurus.

Though a hunter, Tembo is not cruel or bloodthirsty, and he holds a personal moral code towards others, such as preventing the possibility that his men will fall victim to predators if they camp on game trails, helping Malcolm and his team up the cliff after their trailers are knocked off by the Tyrannosaurus , asking his men never to tell Kelly about the gruesome death of Dieter, and allowing the group to take a break after seeing Sarah and several of his men feeling tired during the journey.

Although he gets his prize in the end, he loses the rest of his team, including Ajay, who is characterized as Tembo's best friend, to the raptors. When Ludlow offers him a job at the new Jurassic Park in San Diego, he declines by saying; "I've spent enough time in the company of death.

Dieter Stark is appointed by InGen to be Tembo 's second-in-command. Tembo however does not respect him as much as he does his trusted friend Ajay Sidhu. This might be due to Stark being a bloodthirsty and cruel hunter, something which Tembo is not. After getting lost while trying to find a spot to urinate, he is attacked and killed by a group of compies; this is confirmed after Tembo and Ajay find him at night.

As they return to the camp, Dr. Malcolm asks Tembo if he has found Stark. His death mirrors that of John Hammond from the original novel. Although his surname is not verbally mentioned in the film itself, it is listed in the credits. He is portrayed in the film as Swedish. Robert Burke is InGen's resident paleontologist. Although he is considered by InGen to be one of their top scientists, he provides several pieces of incorrect information. I know I can prove otherwise. Burke is killed by a Tyrannosaurus while hiding under a waterfall when he is startled by a snake slithering down into his shirt, much to Sarah, Nick, and Kelly's shock after his blood slides on the waterfall.

Ironically, the snake in question is not venomous. Carter is Dieter Stark 's friend and a member of the InGen team. He seems absent-minded at times thanks to his headphones as evident when Dieter cries for help as he is attacked by compies. Carter is killed when the female T. Ed James is a private investigator hired by Dodgson shortly after the events in the first novel to get information from the survivors of the Isla Nublar incident.

After following Richard Levine around for a while, he learns the location of Isla Sorna, which he then reports to Dodgson. He does not accompany either team to Isla Sorna. These characters only appear in the third film, Jurassic Park III , as there was no third novel. Paul Kirby , the owner of a hardware store, poses as a wealthy businessman and head of Kirby Enterprises to lure Alan Grant onto Isla Sorna to help the family search for their missing son.

When the group is attacked by the Spinosaurus on a river, Paul uses himself as bait so the others can escape. This allows Grant an opportunity to divert the Spinosaurus using a flare gun. Paul survives the incident and is rescued from the island with the others. It is implied that Paul and his former-wife, Amanda, reconcile after the events of the film. Amanda Kirby is Paul's ex-wife who accompanies the search party to "Site B" to help look for their missing son, Eric, and her companion, Ben.

Through most of the film, Amanda ignores Dr. Grant's warning that loud shouting attracts carnivores. Shortly after being stranded on Isla Sorna, the hired mercenaries are killed by predators.

She survives the plane crash, the Velociraptor ambush, the Pteranodon attack, and the Spinosaurus attack at the river. When the group is confronted by the raptor pack, Amanda, the lone female in the group, is ordered by Dr. Grant to return the stolen eggs to the raptors.

She is rescued from the island, along with Paul, Eric, Grant, and his assistant, Billy. It is implied that Amanda and Paul reconcile at the end of the movie and are returning to Oklahoma as a reunited family. Billy Brennan is a young and overenthusiastic graduate student at Grant's dig site. He accompanies Grant to Isla Sorna where they are stranded with the Kirby's. He later collects Velociraptor eggs, intending to sell them to help fund Grant's dig site.

Velociraptors stalk the group to retrieve their eggs. Grant is angry that Billy took the eggs. Billy redeems himself by saving Eric Kirby from Pteranodons. He survives but becomes separated from the others and is presumed dead. He is rescued by the Navy and Marines , sent by Ellie Sattler. He and Grant are reunited on the helicopter.

Eric Kirby is the year-old son of Paul and Amanda who ends up stranded for eight weeks on "Site B", and must fend for himself. He finds a way to collect T. Grant says he had a fossil one, from the first film, but Eric replies that his is a new one. After being saved from Velociraptors , Grant reunites him with his parents. After escaping from a Spinosaurus , a flock of Pteranodons and Velociraptors , he finally gets to leave the island with his parents, Grant, and Grant's assistant, Billy Brennan.

A separate series of books entitled Jurassic Park Adventures documented Eric's time on Isla Sorna as well as other related stories before Grant and the others arrive.

This series is written by Scott Ciencin. Udesky is a meek but sardonic, mercenary "booking agent" who travels with his two associates to the island when the man who was supposed to go falls ill.

He has brown hair, but is balding and has a short mustache. Unlike the two other mercenaries, he survives the Spinosaurus 's attack on the plane. However, after Kirby's scam is revealed, he admits later that he actually works for a helping center. After being chased by raptors in an abandoned InGen compound, the raptors start a stampede, he is eventually separated from the others, who climb a tree. The raptors pin him down but allow him to go near the tree in an attempt to draw the others down.

Their plan fails, and one Velociraptor kills Udesky by snapping his neck. His death is the inspiration for that of Oscar Morales in Jurassic Park: Cooper is described as a tough and quiet mercenary.

He is abandoned by Nash while searching for Eric. He is eaten by the Spinosaurus while trying to get the plane to stop in order to board it. His death is what causes the plane to crash through the forest. When everyone else gets on the plane without Cooper, Udesky states: Nash is Kirby's mercenary pilot who abandons Cooper and is subsequently eaten by a Spinosaurus , that drags him out of the plane's wreckage by the legs and then releases him. As he tries to crawl through the jungle to escape, the Spinosaurus pins him to the ground with its foot, and devours him.

He is carrying a satellite phone given to him by Paul Kirby at the time he is eaten. Later, when the others hear the phone ringing from within the dinosaur's abdomen, they know the Spinosaurus is nearby. The phone is later recovered in a pile of Spinosaurus dung. Mark is Ellie's husband. He works for the U. He is shown to have a very loving and caring personality, as shown when he changes the baby's diaper while Ellie is talking to Grant.

Grant calls Charlie to send help, he sends the phone to his mother, Ellie, who sends the phone to her husband, Mark. He is able to use his position in the State Department to contact the military , who send marines to Isla Sorna to rescue the group. Ben Hildebrand is Amanda's boyfriend. He takes Eric para-sailing near Isla Sorna.

When the boat crew is killed, Ben saves Eric and himself by disconnecting the para-sail from the vessel and gliding onto the island. However, they crash-land in a tree. Although his cause of death is left unexplained, his decomposing corpse is found by Grant and the others still tangled in his parachute. A possible explanation is that while Eric was able to escape the para-sail, carnivorous dinosaurs attacked a stranded Ben, leaving what Grant's team found eight weeks later.

Enrique Cardoso is the operator of the illegal para-sailing service called "Dino-Soar" which brings visitors to sightsee along the coast of Isla Sorna.

He is hired by Ben Hildebrand and Eric Kirby to take them to the island; however, Enrique and his boat driver are killed when they enter a fog bank, causing the vessel to crash and the tourists to become stranded on "Site B".

It is likely that one or two of the Pteranodons from the aviary killed them as what appears to be their skulls are left near the nest. However, it is not explained how the Pteranodons escaped from the aviary prior to the arrival of the rescue party. They unlock it long after the boat crash which starts the story. Grant phones Ellie while being attacked by the Spinosaurus , but it is Charlie who answers the phone. Grant tells Charlie to take the phone to Ellie, but he is soon distracted by an episode of Barney the Dinosaur.

These characters first appear in the fourth film, Jurassic World Owen Grady is one of the main protagonists of Jurassic World. An on-site staff member at Jurassic World who was formerly in the United States Navy , Owen conducts behavioral research on the park's resident Velociraptors. It is acknowledged that Owen and Claire Dearing, the operations manager at Jurassic World, had a previous relationship consisting of one date, but not a second, because of their conflicting personalities.

Owen opposes genetically modifying dinosaurs to increase the appeal factor for audiences. Owen first appears in the film while with four raptors Blue, Delta, Echo, and Charlie , that he has been rearing and training since they hatched so they would imprint on him. He is approached by Vic Hoskins, head of security for the bio-engineering company, InGen. Hoskins proposes using raptors as military weapons. Owen objects, explaining that his relationship with the four raptors is a personal one and they only respond to him under controlled conditions.

This is demonstrated when he risks his life saving an employee who falls into the raptor paddock. Later, Claire asks Owen to inspect the park's latest attraction, the Indominus rex. Owen criticizes the Indominus ' paddock, saying that it provides no social interaction besides a feeding crane, while his raptors have each other and himself for companionship.

At the paddock, it appears that the Indominus rex has escaped, since it is not seen, its heat signature is lost, and there are claw marks on the wall that reach the top. Once inside, however, Owen discovers it is still there, having camouflaged itself and masked its own heat signature. He barely survives, although two staff are killed. When the Indominus rex escapes, Owen demands it be hunted and killed, knowing that it is intelligent, and it tricked them into going into its cage.

However, Masrani, the park owner, considers it too valuable and wants it captured alive. Owen and Claire search for her nephews, Zach and Gray, who are exploring the park on their own.

Owen is shocked by how little Claire knows about her nephews. While searching for the two boys, he and Claire come across dead and dying Apatosaurus , realizing that the Indominus is killing not for food, but just for 'sport'. Owen and Claire trail her nephews to the old Jurassic Park Visitor Center where it appears the boys repaired an old jeep and drove off.

They barely survive the Indominus and follow Zach and Gray back to the main resort where escaped pterosaurs are attacking visitors. Owen kills several, but when a Dimorphodon attacks him, Claire shoots it, saving him. They reconnect romantically with a kiss, then are reunited with Zach and Gray. Hoskins plans to use the raptors to track the Indominus.

At the Velociraptor paddock, an enraged Owen slugs Hoskins for planning to weaponize his animals without his permission. With no other option, he reluctantly agrees to the plan with one condition: The plan works initially, but backfires when the raptors locate the Indominus and begin communicating with it. Owen realizes that the Indominus has raptor DNA and becomes the new alpha.

He is able to rekindle his bond with Charlie, but soldiers kill it with a missile launcher. Only he and one trooper survive the raptors' attack. He also manages to rekindle his bond with Blue. Later, Owen, Claire, Zach, and Gray arrive at the laboratory and discover that InGen had cleared the laboratory, taking dinosaur embryos with them. Hoskins reveals his plan to use the Indominus rex as a weapon.

Delta appears and kills Hoskins as Owen, Claire and the boys escape. Outside, they are confronted by the other raptors. Owen is able to establish his bond with the raptors.

Claire releases the Tyrannosaurus from its paddock and lures it into a fight with the Indominus. Blue, revealed to have survived, returns and attacks the Indominus as it pins down the T. Owen sees Blue one last time before Blue runs off. Owen and Claire decide they will remain together. Pratt reprised his role as Owen Grady in 's Jurassic World: But he and the others find out they've been double-crossed by Ken Wheatley and his contractor Eli Mills, the right hand man of Benjamin Lockword.

Owen, along with Claire and the others, discover that Mills is illegally auctioning the dinosaurs to the highest bidder in the Lockword Manor. With help from Lockword's granddaughter, Maisie, Owen learns that Dr.

Wu created the Indoraptor , made from Blue and the bone sample of the Indominus Rex. Disrupting the auction, Owen takes down most of Mills's mercenaries to stop the Indoraptor from escaping the manor. Protecting Claire and Maisie who was discovered to be a clone of Lockword's deceased daughter from Indoraptor and Mills's mercenaries, Owen, with help from Claire and Blue, was able to take out the Indoraptor by causing it to fall on the horn of the remains of the Triceratops.

Despite his insistence and reluctance to led the remaining dinosaurs not auctioned off to die by poison accidentally punctured by Blue attacking the mercenaries , Maisie released them outside the manor. After the incident, Owen and Claire take in Maisie. Claire Dearing is one of the main protagonists of Jurassic World. She is the work-centric park operations manager at Jurassic World, a dinosaur theme park owned by InGen.

The film acknowledges that Claire and Owen Grady once had one date, but never a second, because of her controlling corporate nature, and his lax personality. Claire is first seen attempting to recruit corporate sponsors who want more exciting dinosaurs. She shows them Dr. Henry Wu's newest genetically-modified dinosaur, the Indominus rex. Owen inspects the exhibit but is concerned that the Indominus was raised in total isolation, warning it can cause dangerous aberrant behavior.

Owen notices claw marks on the wall and no heat signature is detectable on the thermal cameras. Believing the Indominus has escaped, Owen and other staff members inspect the paddock until Claire locates its tracking implant that indicates it is still in the paddock. When the Indominus escapes, Claire refuses Owen's claims that it is a highly intelligent animal and must be killed, and she orders its recapture.

When the capture attempt fails and results in casualties, she rejects Owen's order to evacuate the park. Fearing the consequence of closing the park, she instead closes off park sectors and attempts to discreetly relocate the customers back to the resort. She soon realizes that her nephews whom she left with her assistant are missing. She enlists Owen's help in finding them, although he is surprised by how little she knows about them.

Despite Owen's objections, Claire accompanies him to search for the Indominus and her nephews. While following Zach and Gray's trail, they come across Apatosaurs that have been killed or wounded by the Indominus. While Owen comforts a dying Apatosaurus , Claire emotionally bonds with it, thus erasing her original view towards the park's dinosaurs as "assets".

The two follow her nephews to the original Jurassic Park Visitor Center where it appears the boys have repaired an old jeep and driven off. The Indominus attacks but they escape. When the Indominus is finally ordered to be killed, another hunting attempt ends disastrously, and Owen and Claire watch the Indominus break into the park's aviary, freeing all the pterosaurs. As the escaped pterosaurs attack the customers, Owen and several park hunters attempt to shoot them.

As a Dimorphodon attacks Owen, Claire rescues him, and they kiss. Their moment is cut short by Claire's reunion with Zach and Gray. Claire accuses Hoskins of hoping for such a disaster - a true accusation that he denies. Owen reluctantly goes along with Hoskins' plan to use the raptors to track and attack the Indominus. However, the raptors communicate with the Indominus , which is revealed to be part raptor hybrid, and they all turn against the humans.

Owen, Claire, and the boys escape to the lab, where Hoskins is packing up dinosaur embryos for removal from the island, intending to develop them as weapons, despite the failure of the first field test.

Before he can leave, the raptor, Delta, breaks in and kills him. Claire, Owen, and the boys escape, but outside they are cornered by three raptors. Owen is able to rekindle his bond with them, turning them against the Indominus , although they are outmatched. Claire orders the park's Tyrannosaurus be released from its paddock and lures it to the Indominus.

The two dinosaurs force Indominus toward the park lagoon where the park's resident Mosasaurus grabs it and drags it underwater. After the survivors are evacuated from the island, Claire and her sister Karen reconcile. Claire and Owen decide they should stay together. She also meets Maisie Lockwood, the alleged granddaughter of Benjamin Lockwood, and likes the girl.

Claire, her team, and Owen later discover that Lockwood's aide, Eli Mills, tries to illegally auctioning the dinosaurs, and they work to stop him. She and Owen also learned that Maisie is actually Lockwood's deceased daughter's clone. After she and Owen succeed in stopping Mills, they take Maisie in. Zach Mitchell is Claire's nephew and Gray's older brother.

When Zach and Gray first arrive, Zach is annoyed by Gray's enthusiasm for the dinosaur exhibits, and mostly ignores him. When Gray becomes upset over their parents' impending divorce, Zach remains unsympathetic, ordering his little brother to grow up. The two boys soon abandon Claire's assistant to explore the park on their own. Zach becomes a little more amused by the park. He is easily embarrassed by Gray throughout the film. He has a girlfriend back home, although he constantly checks out other girls at the park much to the annoyance of Gray who merely wishes to see and enjoy the park.

The boys board the gyrosphere ride, but when Claire closes the park's northern section in response to an emergency, and orders all guests to return to the resort, Zach convinces Gray to stay out in the field and even drives the vehicle into a restricted area, where they encounter the Indominus. When it attacks the vehicle, Zach and Gray barely survive and jump off a waterfall to escape.

They come upon the decaying original Jurassic Park visitor center. Zach repairs an old jeep and drives it back to the resort area, where they reunite with Claire. Zach and Gray are amazed and impressed by Owen's survival skills, with the former considers Owen a "badass. He is known for his enthusiastic behavior and his obsession with the park, much to the annoyance of Zach. He is also concerned and upset by his parents' impending divorce.

In the film, Gray is first seen looking at stills of dinosaurs through a projector toy before leaving for his trip. As they approach the park, Gray's hyperactivity and obsession grows as he runs through the approaching ship to see what he can find. An annoyed Zach just tries to catch up with him.

Zach insists they leave Claire's assistant Zara to explore the park further, as Zach dislikes how Claire is avoiding spending time with them. They later board the Gyrosphere ride, but when Claire closes the park's northern section and orders all visitors to return to the resort, Zach encourages Gray to stay out a while longer.

He drives them into a restricted area where they encounter the Indominus. He and Zach escape, then jump off a waterfall to safety. They eventually find the decaying original Jurassic Park visitor center. Working together the brothers restart an old jeep and drive back to the resort. As the resort is under attack by pterosaurs, the boys find Claire and Owen Grady. Gray and his brother are amazed by Owen's survival skills.

Later, during the final confrontation between Owen's raptors and the Indominus , it is Gray who convinces Claire to have Lowery release the Tyrannosaurus by claiming that they need "more teeth" to defeat Indominus. Gray and his brother survive their ordeal in Jurassic World, and at the end of the film, they are reunited with their parents. Vic Hoskins is the main human antagonist. Hoskins wants to use trained Velociraptors as military weapons, and put them through a field test.

Raptor trainer and researcher Owen Grady objects, saying only he can communicate with them, and raptors cannot be tamed to be used as weapons. He later proves this when he is barely able to prevent the raptors from attacking an employee who accidentally falls into their paddock.

He barely escapes himself. Later in the film, the park's latest attraction, the Indominus , escapes its paddock. When Simon Masrani, the park owner, is killed, Hoskins subsequently takes command and orders the raptors be used to track and kill the Indominus. Owen reluctantly agrees to his plan, but only if he commands the mission. However, the plan fails when the Indominus , which has raptor DNA, becomes the four raptors' new alpha, turning them against the humans.

Hoskins and the InGen team evacuate the lab, taking the dinosaur embryos. Hoskins reveals to Owen and Claire that he intends to use the Indominus ' as weapons instead of the raptors; this was his intention all along, planning on its eventual escape, using the park as a field test.

Before he can leave, the raptor Delta appears and corners him. Hoskins attempts to mimic Owen's hand signals to assuage Delta; although it works briefly, the raptor fatally mauls him. Ironically, early on in the movie, Delta had stared at Hoskins in a menacing way while he inspected her. Barry explained that she only did that when she was hungry. Even before this, when he inspected her on a previous occasion, she hissed and growled at him, taking an immediate dislike to him. The business then expanded into the oil industry and bought InGen after the death of John Hammond in although in the film, it is said that Masrani and John Hammond were old friends, and that Hammond had bequeathed InGen to Masrani before his death.

The website also states that his company promoted Dr. After the Isla Nublar incident, Masrani sought to follow Hammond's initial vision while fixing and improving upon all the shortcomings that made Jurassic Park a disaster. Masrani made safety the number one priority at Jurassic World. In the film, Masrani is first seen piloting a helicopter, discussing Jurassic World with Claire Dearing. When she recites statistics about the park, he makes it clear that he believes that happiness is most important for humans and dinosaurs; she just reads another statistic.

He tells her many great lessons about how one cannot be in control, but she ignores them. He reviews the Indominus rex exhibit with Claire and tells her to fetch Owen Grady, a skilled Velociraptor trainer, to evaluate it.

When most of the ACU team is wiped out, Masrani finally listens to Owen's advice and personally pilots a helicopter to hunt the Indominus , a sharp contrast from original CEO Hammond, who preferred the safety of the command post.

The Indominus , outmatched by an aerial threat, breaks open the park's aviary letting loose Pteranodons and Dimorphodons. Masrani tries to evade the pterosaurs, but one takes the door gunner, while the co-pilot is stabbed by another's beak puncturing the windshield causing the helicopter to crash killing Masrani. Masrani is based on the film's John Hammond, by his characteristics of being an intelligent and respected businessman who prefers to prioritize more on the safety and enjoyment of the park's visitors and employees despite his concern of profits.

Lowery Cruthers is the park's tech-savvy operations overseer and serves as the film's comic relief. This causes Claire Dearing to scold him saying it is in bad taste owing to the tragic events that took place there. Lowery opposes the idea of genetically modified dinosaurs, believing it goes too far and that the regular dinosaurs from Jurassic Park will always be better. He keeps a collection of toy dinosaurs on his desk, which Owen Grady knocks off after becoming frustrated by the operations team, much to Lowery's dismay.


And besides, how would anyone even be able to know this for sure? The ironic thing is that the stigma is not really about sex itself, but about not being a socially conscious consumer of sex! Threading this needle has just become so complicated and burdensome for us. As someone who really does care about treating others well, and countering harmful societal attitudes and behaviors towards women, I understand the very real concerns that have given rise to these censorious attitudes.

But I also feel that they have created a culture of fearfulness and negativity in regards to sexuality and male-female interactions. From my vantage point, it seems that the playfulness, acceptance and experimentation that should be a part of flirting, sex, and all our other naughty activities has been replaced with so much paranoia and nervous tight-rope walking about taking a very wrong step.

I am afraid you may have me a little out of my depth in this line of questioning lovely. I don't think I can solely address and solve how to fix negative messages or the interpretation of them. There are so many and they can all be interpreted in many ways. Each individual is so different and what can work for some will not work for others. I am really sorry to hear you feel your interactions with the opposite sex have to be so guarded, it's not the greatest situation to be in.

Although I am maybe not the best to discuss with in regards to this, may I suggest another who I think would just love to converse with you? Have you heard of Dan Savage? This line of questioning sounds right up his ally. He hosts a podcast you can write in or call in with your questions. I think he may be much better at shedding some light here. My statement in regards to "ethical" porn is a slippery slope at best I know this.

As a consumer of porn you can research a little more on the companies who create what you are watching and the performers they choose to cast. Getting to know who is in the porn can help put your mind at ease as to assuring they want to be there. Many performers and companies now interact on social media. Their views and support for the industry are big signs of their "ethical" approach.

Here in Australia we have a multitude of performers who are actively educating porn users by use of blogs and social media. The same level of research can be taken as well when finding a sex worker. Ask questions, read their sites. Being a little bit more involved in this community might shed a bit more light with that. There is so many other topics we could get into with this discussion. I do have a lot more I could add but I think we could be here for years: What exactly is gilding? I had heard about this, but never really knew what it was or what benefit it gives the recipient.

And how does one gild another? Don't worry, it's different from gelding! Look up reddit gold for the benefits. It means another user puts their money where their mouth is and agrees with a post so much they support it financially. Yes, I do pay taxes Trying to persuade others to see sex work as real work means the majority of my peers and I are trying to establish legitimate businesses.

In order to manage how the outside world perceives us we are changing how we conduct our business from the inside so we can be recognised as professional. Unless things have changed recently, as far as I am aware you do not need to show a proof of income to apply for a ABN and business name.

I have attached a link for you below:. Once you have your business name and ABN set up you can apply for a business account with a bank. Ask for your personal details to be suppressed.

Depending on your end goals you may even be better off applying for an ACN company. As a company you have more privacy options to suppress your details. If you are struggling to set it all up, I would suggest speaking to an accountant who can help determine which option would best suit you. Also talking to an accountant will aid you in determining which industry you would like have your new business or company operating in. Different options have different tax deductions and benefits and you may need some guidance in choosing which will work best for you.

In the mean time dan murphies and amazon online gift cards can be purchased by clients and emailed to your account. These gift cards usually take 30 minutes to be sent to you. These are a great option for last minute requests and international deposits. You also can use these gift cards without providing your real name to clients. I've been thinking about starting escorting for a while. I prefer to work as an independent escort rather than for an agency.

Unfortunately, I have some questions regarding safety and other aspects before I even get it started. I really appreciate the opportunity you've given. As far as I know, in-call services are illegal in the state where I live.

I feel it's quite risky to go to a client's residence. Besides screening bookings really carefully, what else do you do to make sure you'll be safe? As I know, most girls only accept cash payment. But I find it's rather hard to ask client for money in an appropriate and delicate way.

How do you usually handle it without making clients feel uncomfortable? Thanks for reaching out. I am more than happy to answer your questions. Obtaining as much information as you can before you decide to start is wise. There are so many variables in as many situations that turn a booking from a happy one to a scary one. Understanding your risks and taking steps to avoid trouble is key to maintaining a safe work space for yourself.

I personally do not visit clients houses unless I have known them for a while. For me I find visiting a private residence anxiety producing and in turn the booking for me is not enjoyable. I also prefer to minimise any potential risk or harm that could come to me. Being based in Sydney, I can provide In call and I do here. Unfortunately some of our state laws are just downright stupid and those workers trying to work within these laws are put in harms way by them.

I know other workers who do travel to houses and apartments. They each have their own security measures that suit them for reassurance.

Deposits are usually requested and photos of the clients ID showing an address and full name. I would also request a photo of a bill to prove the name and address match. Maybe ask for a reference as well from another worker the client has seen. If at anytime your instinct tells you not go or to leave immediately, trust that.

Your instinct is your biggest protector. Scarlet Alliance has a great break down of states laws and I have attached the link below for you:.

Yes you can ask a client to book a room in his name. When you do out calls to hotels ask for the clients room number and name to call ahead to the room.

This verifies the name is correct and you can also quickly listen to see if there is more than one person in the room. This also can confirm your client is real and not wasting your time. Put into place a buddy system. Always let your buddy know when you have arrived, collected your money and when you have left the job.

Let them know the address of where you are going. I have a PA for this, before that a small group of workers who all looked after each other. Make it known in all your ads that the financial stuff has to be done within the first 5 minutes. I usually welcome my client, have a drink and a chat to relax. Then I ask to do my visual sexual health check. Once that is all good I ask them to have a shower and if they have an "envelope" for me.

When they are in the shower, take a few minutes to check it is all there and place it somewhere safe and out of sight. Do not leave it lying around. If the client has given you the incorrect amount you will have to bring this up in discussion before the service.

Make sure you don't take your full wallet with ID that show your full name an address. It's best air with caution. You don't want any stalker surprises later down the track.

Yes I have had a few uncomfortable situations. Putting into place your screening and deposit policy and sticking to them is really important for your safety. Take self defence classes and know how to protect yourself. Learning how to engage with people and how to defuse heated situations may save your life. I have mentioned a bad situation in another post in here already. Each week fluctuates depending on where I am touring and how much I want to work.

I never work if I don't want to, it's bad for your mental health to push yourself like that. You do a lot of touring with your job. I do tour a lot, sometimes a bit too much. I am not going to know what an Earth to do with myself just staying in one place ;.

I make time when I tour to go out and enjoy the culture and city. Even if it is just for breakfast or a quick lunch on a busy day. I am hoping to add a few international cities by the end of this year.

Your job does sound intriguing indeed. My question might be a bit off topic, yet I just have to ask: If you were to be stranded on a lonely island, which three things would you be taking with you and why? Thank you in advance, Miss Vivienne. Taking some time out to be stranded on a very lonely island actually sounds like a great holiday!

I do think I would get bored of my own company after a while. Three things I would take:. Oh, I can tell you how much I would have loved to share that little piece of earth with you too A man can dream. I have another question: What do you love most about your job and what do you hate most about it? Sex work just like any other work has it's perks and it's short comings. Just like any other job we have good days and bad ones too! I love so many things about my job I would honestly struggle to name them all.

A few of the best would have to be meeting new people, opportunity to travel, money and working for myself. These good outweigh the bad, however the bad is still there. Surprisingly travel comes up in both good and bad. I have toured so much I have felt a bit depleted in the past. You learn very quickly about the importance of pacing yourself so you don't crash and burn. So much energy and time goes into planning a successful tour.

Some other of my least favourite things would be people deliberately wasting my time for their enjoyment and disrespectful clients who attempt to push your boundaries. You said in an early question you told some of your family and I was just wondering if you could share information regarding how you informed those around you that you are a SW? And did any of those reactions surprise you? My mother has suspected I was up to something. She has met a lot of my friends over the years who are now out and proud as SW.

Many in publications and on TV. Just before Christmas she came to my apartment and I forgot to hide the signed Dita Von Tease coffee table book that is signed to "Vivienne Black". She asked me if that was me and I said no. I was in shock, I wasn't ready to talk about it. Since then I have seen her a few times but we have yet to discuss everything in detail.

That's an up and coming conversation planned in the next few weeks. She is reaching out to meet up with me, so I think she is ready to learn about my other life now too. My friends I told overtime over the past few years usually face to face. Many of them had already suspected and were just waiting for me to tell them in my own time. Some had no clue. The first person I told many years ago was my high school best friend.

At this time in our early 20's we were still best friends. Since then we have drifted apart and do not talk. The last conversation I had with her she told me she couldn't be friends with me anymore as she didn't agree with me sleeping with married men. I don't really understand her objections and reasoning she raised as they do not impact her directly in anyway, but I do respect her decision if she isn't comfortable being around me. It did hurt a lot to loose her in my life but I wish her all the best.

This was the reaction that most surprised me. I wouldn't call it courage, more impatience. I just got fed up with lying and feeling like my lie was alienating me from the people I wish to be the most honest with.

I got to the point where I knew if they rejected me I would feel hurt, but at least I would know and could move on. Coming out has been liberating and calming. I can already feel my relationships with those still around me growing stronger. Most of my friends don't care, the only worry about my safety and that's a justified concern to have. In fact most reactions that express concern are in regards to safety. I have talked to each person about how I operate my business to reduce potential harm that could come my way and assure them if I ever need anything I will let them know.

Thank you for your answer, it means a lot! I'm glad you were able to come out about being a SW and it sounds like your family is coming around which is great to hear!

You said you told your sister, I have two little sisters who mean everything to me and I'm worried that they might not except what I do. Were you worried about this too? I hope all goes well with telling your mum. I also wanted to ask how you came up with your name? And how you came about being a SW when you first got into it? My little sister has been the most interactive and supportive.

I am blessed to have her in my life, she is true champion! I always loved the name Vivienne Vivien Leigh. I love old Hollywood and a lot of the other names were in use at the time. Black sounded a bit mysterious I guess. It took me about three months to set on it. I started working for an agency in Sydney whilst at university. I was sick of trying to make ends meet and live comfortably. Hi Vivienne, did you ever think on using your skills to provide sex coaching, or sexual life enhancements for couples?

There is so many unhappy people out there.. As much as I would love to offer coaching and aspects related to that, I don't think at this stage I am qualified enough to do that.

The psychology behind why some may not be happy is something I have no training for. I always like to make sure I am neat, tidy and clean. I love a hot shower and often get myself a little bit excited there first. The anticipation of seeing clients can be a turn on. One thing I find that makes me feel confident for the bedroom is when I do have time to take my time getting ready. No rush and no fuss, play some of your favourite music and really let yourself be excited, having sex is a fun experience that is to be enjoyed.

Put on your favourite lingerie, stockings and dress and slowly tease your partner as you strip them off! Let yourself feel empowered and happy.

Leave your reservations at the door and have a great time! Did you write the introduction section of your website? And if you did, how was that experience, writing about yourself in such strong terms? I'm coming at this as someone who hates selling or even talking about myself. You also mention that you can bring along a male or female playmate for a 4-way couples session on your site.

Where do you source your "playmates? Your PSE service refers to shibari and impact play, are you strictly a top in those circumstances? Yes I did write it myself. I had to write it in the third person as I also found it rather difficult to convey what I wanted to say without feeling embarrassed.

I do have a few different ladies and gents who are also workers that I often suggest to participate. I have not let many clients dominate me in regards to rope play, the ones I have I have seen many times and feel comfortable enough to do so. If there is another worker in the booking with me, I am more than happy to be restrained.

I am a big believer of the do not kiss and tell. I do get many amazing and bizarre requests, the weirder the better!

The requests I do not accept and find troubling revolve around incest role play. I don't judge anyone who makes these requests but I do not feel comfortable providing it. This one is a bit of a difficult one to answer. Consent is the primary ingredient in a sexual encounter, if at anytime another persons consent has been stripped from them in any way, then yes it is rape.

Consent comes in many forms. Visual queues, vocal queues and physical queues need be listen to. It is so important to continually check in at each stage to confirm the consent is there.

Relaying on a safe word is sometimes not enough. I do not provide filming and will not be doing porn. Photography for publication would depend on the content, sorry I can't be more specific with a cost.

Just like any other woman my ideal date for today would differ tomorrow. We do love to change our minds don't we? It all depends on what mood I am in at the time and who I am sharing the time with. I love to get to know all my clients so I do prefer longer engagements, I feel the chemistry has the potential to exceed new heights. With that said I do also love my shorter PSE dates, I do love sex and enjoy exploring my clients and my own limits.

These two were under the influence of some kind of drug. They cased my room looking for my money to steal. I moved them towards the bar area and offered them a drink and to keep them talking. Talking calmly and slowly and not showing them my fear. Slowly I managed to talk them all the way back to the door and out of it. Locking them out I called the hotel security to have them removed from the building. This was one of the only bookings I did not screen my client correctly.

I did not ask for a deposit as it was last minute and in my rush to confirm the job I neglected my intuition. Needless to say, I have made sure best I can that this doesn't happen again by being more stringent. Users, please be wary of proof. You are welcome to ask for more proof if you find it insufficient.

OP, if you need any help, please message the mods here. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

As someone who chooses her own clients, do you factor in the attractiveness of the client when deciding if they're the right fit for your services? If so, where do they fall in terms of importance? Attractiveness comes in many forms and is typically not solely based on physicality. After all, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Every body is beautiful in their own way. Personally I find intelligence, kindness and thoughtfulness more attractive than physical features. All of my clients are important to me for their individual attributes.

When deciding if am the right fit for a client I ask many questions regarding what experience they wish to have. If I feel I am unable to provide that, I do not accept the booking. Do you ever have clients that want to 'save you from your fate'?

Does a lot of people ask you why you are in your industry? In short, yes I have encountered a few clients who have said that.

In find it really insulting as I think sex work has saved me in a way. It's bettered my life and given me so many great opportunities. My fate without sex work would be uninspiring. With that said in the past it's not so much the clients but previous boy friends or friends who have expressed their desire to "save me". These people lacked the ability to understand that I chose this line of work for myself and that it makes me happy.

They attached their own stigma against workers to me. Needless to say, I no longer have these people in my life. I do get asked why I am in this industry all the time.

I started because I needed money to support myself and I stayed because I want to. This work gives me much more than just finical freedom.

It's particular life style just suits me. I once set a bed on fire in a hotel room with a candle. Naked and panicked my client and I managed to put it out. It wasn't very easy to try cover that one up to the hotel staff but I couldn't help but laugh at how silly the situation was.

Two grown adults fully naked, covered an wax and water trying to conceal a burnt patch on the pillow and bed whilst requesting new set of sheets Another would be my cat trying to sit on a clients lap whilst he was getting a lap dance.

My cat wanted a front row seat lol. My mentoring business was set up with the aim to teach workers skills and give them the tools to run their own business efficiently. Brand awareness and concepts Advertising and marketing Providing workshops on sexual health and the importance of consent Safety tips and tricks Accounting and financial planning Business plans and goals Networking in the industry and one on one advice.

Each worker usually stayed with me for about 3 - 6 months learning these. One or two stayed much longer. Hi Vivien, as a professional who has to deal with penii regularly - what would you prefer in a customer a circumcised penis or intact? Hi, You said you're going back to uni at some point. Now that you revealed your face, are you concerned what will happen when other students recognize you?

We all know how stressful uni can be, but with the potential of other students bullying and trolling you because of the stigma associated with SW. Have you had a similar experience in public places or a workplace before? One of the joys of coming out as a SW is feeling free to express who you are, on the flip side to that we also have to be conscious of who knows about our work.

Not everyone is accepting and some can try to take advantage of you in many ways. I am not concerned to be recognised at university for being Vivienne. I am concerned about people knowing the details that I am both Vivienne and my actual self where I have no control over providing them with that knowledge.

Without having the ability to asses what risk that may open me up to. With that in mind I have already been at university previously when my class mates have found out. The situation was incredibly stressful. At the time I was not out publicly as being a worker and I saw first hand how nasty others can be towards workers The feeling was isolating and caused me a lot of anxiety.

I was younger then and since coming out I feel more prepared to re enter school. I have an amazing support networking forming around me and to be honest I hope someone does try the same thing.

After all I am going back to learn what I can do to change stigma and support others who have been in my position before. I am confident in my choice now and have no qualms. I felt when I was hiding my occupation, that people would think I was ashamed of what I was doing.

I went to a high school function last year, people from my school had found out about my work, gossiping and whispering to one and other behind my back. I wasn't received well and the night and following catch ups were uncomfortable.

A few of my old friends are adult enough to still be around, the majority of them couldn't be further away from me and I like them at that distance. The way I see it is that if a person is that emotionally connected to my decision to work when they hardly know me, that they have to resort to lashing out and being nasty. Then they have the issue that needs to be resolved and not me. So I have a question. As an escort how do you deal with men wanting to be more than just clients?

I haven't really had to deal with that too much. I have dated a client a while ago, I don't think I would ever do that again When I have had clients in the past who have wanted to cross over from professional to personal, I honestly just tell them I am not interested in that kind of relationship. If their behaviour starts to make me uncomfortable or I feel me continuing to see them is damaging for them then I stop seeing them.

Every client who wishes to have sex with me must wear a condom. Me as an escort not practicing safe sex is like a sky diver jumping out of a plane without a parachute. No amount of money would or could be worth it. Condoms are something you tend to get use to if you wear them.

If a client finds them particularly uncomfortable I try a selection of others to find one that fits the best, including non-latex as maybe they have an allergy. Once on if you warm the condom up a bit say with oral or in general just foreplay, guys tend to forget they are on and they don't find them a bother. Any client who ask for natural sex with me tends to not get a booking. I always suggest they should be concerned if they are seeing SW not using protection, if not for the worker at least for themselves.

All of the services I am comfortable offering are displayed on my websites. There are no secret ones more money will unlock. Notice you mentioned "tend to not get a booking". Have there been times that you were comfortable with particular clients who get that type of booking? If I a client asked for natural sex I would explain the same reasons above to them as to why I do not offer natural sex. If they can't grasp the gravity of their request or persist in asking I do not see them.

If in a booking a client is persisting to ask or tries to remove the condom, I leave the booking. I would absolutely love to tour to the USA one day soon. Unfortunately I am concerned about not being able to enter the country due to my face being shown as a sex worker on the internet.

My job is illegal in most states in the USA. I hear through the grapevine some workers and non worker who are sexually promiscuous, are finding it difficult to gain entry to the country. As a hobbyist, I'm always concerned about STDs when engaging with an escort.

In general, what do girls do stay clean? Is it safe to assume the higher end the escort, the better she takes care of her health? Yes, it is good to be concerned about your health. Whether you are hiring a worker or going on a non paid date.

All adults should take sexual health seriously as many STIs are asymptomatic show no symptoms. Anyone who is sexually active should take precautions and be tested regularly. If you have many partners every months for a full check up is recommended. It is not safe to assume anyone has a clean bill of health. I find your question is heavily loaded with negative stigma and propagating 'whoreachy' the pitying or attempted classification of sex workers against one and other based on how they choose to run their business.

Sadly this idea of a tier system in our community is just another part of the stigma that some do not understand or recognise as being disrespectful. In my experience, every worker I have met takes pride in their sexual health and the up keep of it. My super star PA Miss Elle, with a masters degree in sexual health. Regularly conducted the sexual health workshops for my mentoring business.

Her favourite quote she like to drill into our participants was "Mess with your health, mess with your wealth! I do however have the luxury to do this and I understand not all workers are in the same position as I am. If you decide to see an escort and you can visually see anything that makes you concerned, it's best not to proceed with the booking. There are many websites that you can look up to familiarise yourself with the many signs and symptoms of STIs.

One such resource is on the SWOP website. The link is below for you, other STIs are listed down the right side of the page:. For me good sex is just as much giving pleasure as receiving. I guess SW are mostly aimed to please the client. How do you react to a client wanting to go down on you, fingering you, trying to get you to orgasm? I'm more than happy for clients to go down on me etc. As long as the client is being respectful to my lady bits and if needed can take some direction, then there is no issue at all.

My most common request is anal. Closely followed by golden showers, latex, cock and ball torture and foot fetish. How common is golden showers though? I've only had one guy ask me.

And I'm too chicken. How much water do you drink before? I do get a rather large amount of GS requests in my PSE, sometimes they don't go through with it, sometimes they do. I usually drink half a bottle about an hour before the booking xx.

Hi again What do you see yourself doing in the future, would you expand your international tour destinations? How long will you or want to continue as a sex worker?

Will you still want to be a SW once you get your law degree? I am trying not to tour as often this year but I will be trying to get to a few more international cities. In the future I will still be in and around this industry in one way or another. I would like to continue doing sex work for as long as I can however I guess I just have to see where my path takes me. I've got a microeconomics question: What is the minimum amount of time a client can book, and why did you decide on that minimum?

My minimum booking time is for half an hour whilst on tour only , usually one hour is the minimum time whilst home in Sydney. I decided on that for me as I prefer to get to know my clients better. A rushed service I feel is not my best. One of the things I like about economics is that I learn things that are the exact opposite of what I was expecting.

I assume that you know fewer of the clients when you tour than when you are home, so I would have guessed that you would have a higher minimum time on tour than at home, in order to get to know your tour clients better.

Why the difference between touring and home? The reason I have a difference between tour and at home is because on tour my focus is work. I am usually up and ready, I don't have any other day to day plans to occupy my time. When in Sydney your logic very much applies. I have to clean my incall, make sure I am available, take the time to get ready out of what could be a personal day. That is why one hour is my minimum there: In the future if you are planning to have a family and potentially kids as well.

Are you going to be open with them about it? I am a SW in Australia and I have only ever worked for an agency. I am interested in trying out being independent - what would be your main tips to ensure that you keep getting enquiries? Also, what percentage of bookings would you say are made in advance as oppose to wanting to meet up as soon as they contact you?

Do a lot of your clients take drugs? I have found that with my agency work there is a lot of drug consumption and was hoping by working independently that could be avoided!

This might seem extremely forward, but have you ever had preferred referrals to cosmetic practitioners for women in this industry who seek a bit of Botox or filler? Would you consider providing a referral pathway given your network reach if you felt a certain practitioner met what you deemed to be good work?

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She is often hired out for youngsters as Princess Elsa from Frozen, the most successful animated film of all time. On the site she describes herself as a 'nymphomaniac' who gets 'moody' if she is not hired out by men. She also tells punters about her career as a children's entertainer, according to The Sun. She says on her profile: Jemma even uses the same phone number for the two roles meaning she doesn't know if an incoming call is for a child's birthday or for something strictly after the watershed.

A source told The Sun: I wouldn't let my kids anywhere near her. When The Sun asked Jemma to comment she refused. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Friday, Jun 29th 5-Day Forecast.

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Raymond Barry, associate Following benediction by Mrs. The refreshment committee will be Mrs. Dell Lindsey, chairman; Mrs. Evie Robbins and Mrs. Honored and distinguished Mrs.

Connie Smith, Ruth; Mrs. Glenda Rushing, Esther; Mrs. Stat Street Phone Ethel Till. Billie gand patron; Mrs. Hylda Meeks, grand conductress; Mrs. Myra Jane Barry, Jerry Jarrell, a reception was held. Dell Lindsey was in charge, assisted by Mrs. Evie Robbins, Miss Beth Austin, line for the reception of approx imately guests. Katherine Morgan, warder; Charles Lee sisted by Mrs. Marion Smith, grand chaplain; Carr Eunice Saul. Black, grand sentinel; Mrs. Leola Norman grand repre sentative to Colorado; Mrs.

Carrie Sappington, grand repre sentative to Missouri; Mrs. Euncie Dukes, grand repre sentative; Mrs. Thelma Mc- Neece, member of credentials; Slater, sentinel. Juanita Cato, past grand matron, presented the worthy matron with a gavel in behalf of her husband, W.

The worthy matron and patron addressed the group and pledged their full devotion and loyalty to the chapter. Lorainne Boggan, sister-in-law of the worthy matron, then sang, accompanied by Mrs. Imogene Davis, associate matron, pledged the support of incoming officers. Maxine Simmons, and Mrs. Bobbie Meadows, members of the courtesy committee. A replica of cathedral windows formed the background for the installation ceremony of Golden Rule chapter No.

The Chapter room was decorated with baskets of yellow roses, the worthy matron's flower of the year, the symbol "Praying Hands" gracett the east and west. Guests were greeted by Miss Kittie L. Music was presented by Mrs. Kate Dempsey, past matron, welcomed members and guests and Mrs.

Richardson, district deputy grand matron of district eight responded. Griffith, past patron, gave invocation. Juanita Cato, past grand matron, installing grand matron; J. Maxwell Shepard, past patron, installing grand patron; Mrs.

Hylda Meeks, grand conductress, installing grand marshal; Mrs. Ouida Robertson, 'past matron, escorting grand marshal; Mrs. Frankie McGrew, past matron, installing grand secretary; Mrs. Kitty Morris, past matron of Grover Burnett Mrs. Thelma Mcneese, PM, installing marshal; Mrs. Deanie Wagster, PM, installing chaplain; Mrs.

Ruby Sorsby, PM, installing secretary and Mrs. Marie Reed, PM, installing organist. The chapter room was decorated in green, white and yellow, the worthy matron's colors for the year. Vases of yellow roses were placed at vantage points and an open Bible at the East. Eloise Krone and Mrs. The following officers were installed: Erie Coffee; worthy patron, T. Richardson; associate matron, Mrs.

Jane Johnson; associate patron, Hollis Grice; secretary, Mrs. Gladys Coleman; treasurer, Mrs. Edwina Rogers; est Hill chapter No. Families of the worthy patron Northwood chapter No. Mascots and sweet im mi mi lui. Ouida Robertson, iunior conductress, Mrs.

Maurine past matron, and David Payne, junior past patron, were escorted to the east and presented Jewels of the Order. Rob Chapter, Meridian, installing Packer; associate conductress, Mrs. Vivian Sullivan; chaplain, Mrs. Gertrude Massey; marshal, Mrs. Shirley Faye Hailey; organist, Mrs. Place your bets here - http: Sections of this page. Remove To help personalize content, tailor and measure ads, and provide a safer experience, we use cookies.

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